School Committee Presentation
Notes for School Committee Meeting

J. Allen--Welcome
Overview of Grant & reason for presentation
  • Resultst of ARRA Title IID Technology Grant
    • Grant Overview
  • Role of Technology in the Social Studies Department

Play video Malden – a 21st Century Classroom
Amanda Goncalves (10)
Devon Moran (10) Samantha Saggese (12) Allan La (9) Cameron Lucey (12) Mandy Liao (12) Danielle Aguinaldo (10)
Lesley Ta (9)
Sarah Fraas (11)

Ms. Mastromauro & Ms. Campbell

Students share work from their Virtual Notebook



  • What stimulated your group’s choice do to fingerprinting?
  • Why did you select a glogster as your technology choice?
  • Why did you select the particular items you did for your glogster? As examples pictures, songs, videos….

Mr. Max & Mr. Green

  • Intro - Mr Green
  • Massachusetts Technology Standard G9-12 (3)

Demonstrate the ability to use technology for research, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Robin DeSantis
Penny Gordon

Mr. Hurley & Ms. Pember

  • Hello and Intro from Ms. Pember and Mr. Hurley
  • Student created video of Why is Social Studies Important?
  • At the conclusion of the video, students will use their cell phones to respond to the video and explain why THEY think that Social Studies is important - if possible we will have all students respond, otherwise just Amanda and Devon will respond using their phones.

Amanda GoncalvesDevon Moran

Closing --