Creating a 21st Century Classroom

This course will provide participants with the skills and tools that are essential for today's 21st century classroom. Participants will be encouraged to collaboratively draw on their teaching experiences and new understandings to build a structure for how a 21st Century classroom will differ from a traditional classroom. Current research, pedagogy, and best practices of 21st Century teaching and learning will be explored. 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation, communication, and global connections will be practiced in an inquiry-based environment.Participants will create an innovative unit in their content area that integrates inquiry-based learning as well astechnology and literacy skills to engage 21st century learners.

Participants will be required to incorporate the Massachusetts Standards for:
  • Content Area - History/Social Studies, Science
  • Technology Literacy Standards
  • Literacy in History/Social Studies, and Science

The course will run for 12 sessions for a total of 45 hours. Participants will be required to complete 3 hours of work per session with 9 additional hours built in to complete the final unit plan.

October 26, 2010November 2, 2010
Session 1: The 21st Century Classroom and Virtual Notebooks
November 9, 2010
Session 2: Inquiry Based Learning and Research Skills
November 16, 2010
Session 3: Using Technology Before, During and After Reading
December 7, 2010
Session 4: Introduction and Navigation of Teacher's Domain
December 14, 2010
Session 5: "Hidden Treasures" on Teachers' Domain
January 4, 2011
Session 6: Communication
January 11, 2011
Session 7: Collaboration through Voicethread
February 1, 2011
Session 8: Student Conversation
February 8, 2011
Session 9: Global Education
February, 15, 2011
Session 10: Outlining & Mapping Tools
March 1, 2011
Session 11 - Fair and Legal Use of Digital Media Resources - Teachers' Domain
March 8, 2011
Session 12: Unit-Lesson Development
March 22, 2011

Summer 2011 Online Professional Development:

Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom

June 7, 2011

Session 1 Orientation & Introduction

June 14, 2011

Session 2 Inquiry Based Learning and Research Skills

June 21, 2011

Session 3 Using Technology Before, During, and After Reading

June 28, 2011

Session 4 21st Century Vocabulary and E-Vocabulary Tools

July 5, 2011

Session 5 Project based learning and Glogging

July 12, 2011

Session 6: More Presentation Tools & Using Online Video

July 19, 2011

Session 7 - Collaboration through Voicethread

July 26, 2011

Session 8 - Conversation and Innovation

August 2, 2011

Session 9 - Global Education

August 9, 2011

Session 10 - Outlining and Mind Mapping Tools

August 16, 2011

Session 11 Teachers’ Domain

August 23, 2011

Session 12 - Final Project Development

August 30, 2011

Final Projects are due


Participants in this course will...

1. develop a framework for inquiry-based instruction, and an individual vision of their own 21st Century classroom.2. create a virtual notebook using Wikispaces to be used as a model for student notebooks.3. gain exposure and familiarity in using specific tools such as Wordle, Glogster, Slide, Inspiration, Voicethread,Primary access, G-chat, Pirate pad, and embed these tools into a virtual notebook.
4. develop their knowledge of the technological resources which will include blogs; research and knowledge-sharingapplications; presentation tools; and a wide variety of communication, networking and creation tools.5. create a teacher Wikispace site to share lessons and units that employ a range of tools to model how 21st Century learnersconnect and communicate as well as collaboratively research, synthesize and innovate.
6. reflect on use of technological resources, inquiry-based instruction, and the development of a 21st Century classroom.
7. create an innovative lesson/unit in their content area that integrates inquiry-based learning as well as technology and literacy skills to engage 21st Century learners.


Completion of all work assigned as specified in each of the 12 sessions:
  • Specific written assignments, uses of technological resources, and discussion tab posts
  • Personal voice will be developed through weekly reflections in forums on MassONE Moodle.
  • Creation of a thorough virtual notebook that incorporates all assignments of the 12 sessions
  • Completion of Final Project as outlined below

Final Project

By the end of this 12 session course participants will design and create an innovative web-based unit in their content area that integrates inquiry-based learning as well as technology and literacy skills to engage 21st Century learners.

The unit must demonstrate an understanding of the Massachusetts State and National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for teachers and students:

State Technology Standards:

Student Technology Standards
Teacher Technology Standards

Course Syllabus

Technology Guides

Creating a Wikispace
Linking in a Wikispace
Creating a Virtual Notebook
Marking-up a Document
Using Wordle
Slide Presentations
Thinkfinity and Teachers Domain
Inquiry Based Learning in the 21st Century Classroom
Chat and IM
Internet Researching & Delicious Bookmarking